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Bruce Byers | SIIA
FleetOwner Editor-in-Chief Cristina Commendatore, left, and Executive Editor Josh Fisher at the 2022 Jesse H. Neal Awards in New York.
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A bittersweet goodbye as FleetOwner's editor in chief

After three fulfilling years as editor in chief of FleetOwner, Cristina Commendatore is taking on a new role in the trucking industry. Executive Editor Josh Fisher will take over...
50358163 | Kjrstudio | Dreamstime
Litigation Finance Dreamstime Kjrstudio 50358163
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Lawsuit abuse, outrageous settlements cannot become trucking’s Achilles' heel

Alarming trends have become new standards, prompting too many fleets to settle—instead of take their chances at trial—in the wake of accidents, even when there is no negligence...
Photo: Western Star | Daimler Truck North America
Ws 57x 72hr Sleeper Van 06

Western Star’s 57X: Safety tech put to the test

There are many standout features in Western Star’s 57X on-highway truck, which replaces the discontinued 5700XE. The safety technology in the 57X especially is a game-changer....
Screenshot: NBC | SNL
SNL skit, “Truck Stop CD,” features actor Jake Gyllenhaal as a truck-driving crooner.
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Trucking must put an end to driver stereotypes

April 21, 2022
Today's pop culture might deem it OK to undermine professional truck drivers, but it’s wrong on so many levels.
54474881 | Ian Whitworth | Dreamstime
Port Of Los Angeles 54474881 Ian Whitworth Dreamstime 6123a204278aa
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Happy holidays, from the supply chain

Even with a 24/7 supply chain, freight lanes likely will remain full into 2022