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Motive and Platform Science enhance FirstFleet’s safety and efficiency

Oct. 13, 2023
Integration between Motive and Platform Science gives FirstFleet visibility into its on-the-road, on-site, and back-office operations.

Motive, a unified, integrated fleet operations platform provider, announced that FirstFleet selected Motive to improve its driver safety. FirstFleet, No. 49 on FleetOwner 500: Top For-Hire Fleets, provides a dedicated contract carriage service, primarily hauling groceries, consumer goods, and paper products nationwide. FirstFleet employs over 4,000 individuals across 130 cities.

With Motive, FirstFleet will have increased access to safety data and insights to enhance driver safety and efficiency. The Motive platform will also provide real-time driver coaching. The partnership also equips FirstFleet with video footage to use when coaching drivers as part of its safety coaching program.

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Back in May, Motive and Platform Science partnered to bring Motive's AI-powered dashcam solution to the Platform Science Marketplace. The result gave Platform Science customers "an easier, more efficient way to manage technologies they use to keep their drivers safe," according to the Platform Science website.

"Being able to offer Motive as a driver safety solution enabled through our Virtual Vehicle platform is the perfect example of how a unified ecosystem benefits our fleets with the power of interoperability," said Natalia Burgett, chief strategy officer at Platform Science.

This partnership benefits FirstFleet by increasing road safety, compliance, and operational efficiency for FirstFleet and its drivers. Integrating Motive's AI Dashcam and safety data and Platform Science's Virtual Vehicle platform gives FirstFleet end-to-end visibility across its fleet of more than 3,000 vehicles.

"When we were given the opportunity to transform FirstFleet's driver safety program by combining our strengths with Platform Science, the decision was simple," Ryan Plutnicki, Motive's chief customer officer, said. "Motive's AI Dashcam provides accurate and actionable data that helps our customers coach drivers and proactively prevent accidents. We are confident that this partnership will help improve the safety of America's roads."

The fully integrated solution breaks down data silos between platforms in real-time, delivering intelligent and actionable insights.

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"Because of Motive and Platform Science's shared commitment to open architecture and interoperability, we are able to make our employees' jobs easier and increase the safety of our drivers—all in pursuit of delivering the best service to our customers," said Austin Henderson, chief information officer at FirstFleet.

Shared goals can transcend competition, as evident by this three-way collaboration between Motive, Platform Science, and FirstFleet. By equipping fleets with state-of-the-art systems and fostering seamless integration and interoperability, the partnership offers a solution that leverages technology to enhance road safety, provides visibility across the fleet, and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of employees.

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