Bestpass introduces data interchange platform

SAN DIEGO. Bestpass, which provides bulk purchasing and streamline toll management services, announce the Bestpass data interchange. The data interchange is an advanced, flexible, integrated toll management technology for fleet enterprise systems, the company said.

“The Bestpass Data Interchange platform provides for seamless management through automated integration and exchange of toll and vehicle related information with fleet back office systems,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “While our customers have had the ability to download aggregated up-to-the-minute posted toll data from our portal for a number of years, they’ve been looking for ways to more tightly tie that into their existing management systems. Highly flexible, Data Interchange uses a variety of secure delivery methods to communicate with fleet systems, doing the heavy lifting in the background so fleets have the actionable information they need to address tolls, which are one of the top five daily expenses for many motor carriers.”

Features include:

  • Advanced exchange of actionable data in near real-time, including grouping transactional data by cost center, billing group, vehicle location and other parameters
  • Flexible, secure data delivery methods, including FTP, on-demand user download from client web portal, and advanced automated web service for carriers with IT departments
  • Data formats include CSV, XLS, XML, and PDF
  • Provides both automated and bulk toll download and vehicle updates directly from fleet management and billing systems
  • Vehicle updates include trucks, tractors and trailers; including the full capability to manage temporary and leased units
  • On demand toll data downloads that normalize billing cycles from tolling authorities to a calendar month 

Bestpass uses its toll management solutions and bulk purchasing power to provide trucking operations with savings beyond standard toll charge discounts and with efficiencies via user-friendly account management tools and consolidated billing.

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