Driver performance management comes to smartphone app

GreenRoad has released what it said is the first smartphone-based driver performance solution for fleets. The GreenRoad Smartphone Edition, called Asimov, is now available in beta mode for Android devices.

Using smartphone technology, the new app includes GPS and built-in accelerometers to eliminate the need for a professionally installed telematics device, GreenRoad said. Drivers use the service by downloading the Asimov app, dropping the smartphone into the vehicle mount, and beginning their trip.

The service uses advanced, patented algorithms to detect how well the driver is driving during the course of the trip, including whenever a risky or fuel-inefficient maneuver occurs. The app provides the driver immediate audio and visual feedback.

GreenRoad Smartphone Edition includes a distracted driving prevention feature that can be configured to automatically disable physical use of the smartphone while the vehicle is moving.

The company also said that potential integration with other fleet applications that are also smartphone-based, such as inventory management, navigation and fleet management, is another benefit of the app.

“With GPS capability and accelerometer functionality, plus the power and flexibility of a sophisticated computer, the smartphone is poised to become an important platform for telematics applications,” said Jim Heeger, chief executive of GreenRoad. “The smartphone adoption tidal wave is now hitting fleets. Our research shows more than one-third of U.S. fleet drivers are using smartphones equipped with business-related apps. We knew we wanted to be the first to bring driver performance to smartphones Asimov represents a huge step forward in our Connected Fleet vision and we are dedicated to leading the market in its transition to the smartphone platform.”

The app’s algorithms automatically detect the beginning and end of each trip so the driver does not need to stop and think about turning GreenRoad on or off; it just runs in the background, measuring driving performance, as the driver drives, the company added.

GreenRoad Smartphone Edition measures risky or inefficient driving events across five parameters: acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and lane handling.   

Fleets interested in participating in the beta program can visit or call a company representative at 1-888-658-4420. The Android app should be commercially available by the end of this year, GreenRoad said, with an iOS version available in 2013.

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