GreenRoad system detects risky driving maneuvers

GreenRoad system detects risky driving maneuvers

GreenRoad Technologies has introduced an in-vehicle video system which, the company says, records dangerous or noteworthy events on the road and in the vehicle as they happen.

“The GreenRoad video solution is unique in its ability to associate captured footage with detailed driving behavior data for individual GreenRoad safety events, providing objective information about how external and behavioral factors each contributed to the outcome,” according to the company. “The integrated data gives drivers and managers valuable insight into root causes of risky driving, and helps them develop actionable strategies for safer behavior in similar situations.”

The company added that in-vehicle video solution footage also provides evidence that can protect drivers and fleet-operating businesses from fraudulent claims in the event of no-fault incidents or incidents caused by third parties or external factors. The footage allows events to be investigated quickly and thoroughly, and saves management time by enabling details to be sent to insurers immediately, GreenRoad said.

The in-vehicle video solution is integrated into the GreenRoad driver behavior event detection mechanism. An uninterrupted live feed, streamed via mobile connectivity, is available for viewing via the customer’s web portal GreenRoad Central. In addition, video recordings that precede and follow any risky driving event are stored for reference. Safety events for which recordings are saved include braking, acceleration, corner handling, lane handling and speeding.

GreenRoad associates stored recordings with the safety events that triggered them, so operators and fleet managers never need to waste time wading through mounds of irrelevant footage to find the few seconds of relevant video.

The in-vehicle integrated video solution is an offering which, according to Roni Raviv, chief technology officer at GreenRoad, has excited customers.

“Integrating video footage with Safety Score data is another instance of how GreenRoad has consistently pushed the boundaries to offer ground-breaking technology solutions for improving driver safety and performance,” Raviv said. “The insights that result from combining video and sensor-sourced data are highly actionable for managers. Together with our proven driver learning approach based on feedback loops, they result in tangible return on investment.”

“The in-vehicle camera system takes GreenRoad to the next level, showcasing our commitment to applying technological expertise to create market-leading driver behavior solutions that effectively address the challenges facing fleet businesses today,” he added. “The success of this approach is reflected by our high rates of customer satisfaction and retention, which are among the best in the industry.”

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