HELP announces new contract with Xerox

HELP Inc., the non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to motor carrier safety and efficiency, has selected Xerox as its vendor partner for technology solutions, site operations and customer service for PrePass. PrePass is an advanced automated vehicle identification (AVI) technology.

HELP and the Commercial Vehicle Operations Division acquired by Xerox in 2009 have partnered in the transportation field for nearly two decades.

PrePass has more than 300 operational sites in 31 states and several new sites in various stages of planning and construction. PrePass reached an enrollment milestone of 461,974 qualified trucks from nearly 37,000 fleets by the end of 2013, making it the largest deployment of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology in the U.S. today, it said.

“With an abundance of technology choices and vendors available today, HELP’s board of directors voted overwhelmingly to renew its contractual arrangement with Xerox,” said Karen Rasmussen, HELP’s president and CEO. “The board and I have complete confidence in Xerox’s technology leadership and superior customer service, both for our current offerings and in the years ahead.”

“Xerox values its relationship with HELP Inc., the oldest, most successful transportation public-private partnership in North America,” said Rich Bastan, group president, Americas Commercial and State Government Transportation for Xerox. “The new agreement allows both organizations to continue our tradition of providing innovative, world-class technology tools to enable HELP’s state agency partners and motor carrier customers to operate more efficiently.”

PrePass saves the trucking industry time, fuel and money, enabling qualified motor carriers to electronically comply with state and federal safety, weight, and credential requirements by eliminating the need to stop at equipped weigh stations.

HELP and Xerox also offer electronic pre-payment of truck tolls on 78 different toll roads, turnpikes, tunnels and bridges in 15 different states through the PrePass Plus system, with  expansion of the service  to several new facilities to be announced soon.

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