Prime Inc. picks scanning solution

Eleos Technologies announced that Prime Inc. has adopted its mobile document scanning platform, Drive Axle. Prime will use the service across its refrigerated, flatbed and tanker divisions.

The Drive Axle app runs on all iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. Drivers log into the service using their Prime account and then scan documents. High-quality document images are sent directly to Prime without the cost and hassle of faxing or truck stop scanning. Documents are typically transmitted in a minute or two with the benefit of auto-indexing for efficiency and same day billing, Eleos said.

“Document scanning is just the beginning.  We will add many other functions to the app, integrating with our unique enterprise processes and creating powerful tools to increase efficiency and make life easier for our drivers,” said Rodney Rader, director of technology for Prime. “Eleos has deep expertise in both mobile and enterprise software development.  Embedding their powerful document scanning technology into our mobile app allows us to keep control over the unique aspects of the mobile experience while avoiding the insanity of trying to develop mobile document scanning on our own.”

“Our embeddable components allow fleets to tailor their mobile apps to their unique requirements while leveraging Drive Axle for scanning features that would be risky and costly to develop in-house,” said Kevin Survance, founder & CEO for Eleos. “The great news is that we have the skill and resources to also develop the overall mobile app on a work-for-hire basis.”

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