Qualcomm launches enhanced trailer tracking, fuel reporting

LAS VEGAS. Qualcomm Enterprise Services has introduced two products here at the Truckload Carriers Assn. Annual Convention that are designed to improve management of assets in the field. Qualcomm unveiled its Trailer ABS Connect and its Exact Fuel applications.

Trailer ABS Connect uses the Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) 110 and 200 to provide location and status information from supported trailer and tractor anti-lock braking systems (ABS). Targeted to fleets that have not adopted a fully-featured trailer tracking solution, the Trailer ABS Connect application provides trailer and tractor connect and disconnect event information, including time, date and location of an event; trailer ID; MCP ID; and trailer odometer reading.

It also identifies incorrect tractor-trailer parings. According to QES, data collected is received and transmitted seamlessly via the MCP110 and 200 and can be delivered directly to fleet managers through dispatch software.

“Once trucks are on the road, it becomes increasingly difficult for fleets to track and monitor trailer drops and pickups, which can pose broad revenue and operations implications,” said Vikas Jain, vice president of product management and software as a service. “For fleets that don’t require the more robust features of our Trailer Tracking 210 platform, Trailer ABS Connect provides essential visibility into an organization’s tractor and trailer connections to ensure resources are used to the fleet’s best advantage.”

Exact Fuel monitors and transmits fuel level information on the vehicle data bus directly to fleet managers. This insight enables trucking organizations to identify discrepancies in fuel levels that may indicate theft, as well as helps fleets make more informed fuel stop decisions that reduce out-of-route miles and improve cost efficiencies, the company said.

Initially available for fleets using Qualcomm’s Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) 110 and 200, the Exact Fuel application transmits critical fuel level, time and location data regularly to fleet managers.

“Faced with fluctuating fuel prices that are approaching $4.00 per gallon, fleets are increasingly concerned with fuel theft and shrinkage. On average, most fleets project about one to four percent shrinkage. Assuming a conservative 1% shrinkage, this would equate to about $55 per month, per vehicle,” said Jain. “Addressing this threat, Exact Fuel arms fleets with greater insight to yield an immediate return on investment. As the second largest expense for most fleets after payroll, fuel savings can significantly improve an organization’s bottom line.”

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