RMX Global Logistics implements McLeod’s PowerBroker

RMX Global Logistics, a transportation and logistics services provider, is now using McLeod Software’s PowerBroker software.

“We’re extremely excited to be using the most advanced brokerage software available on the market today,” said RMX president Stephen Whaley. “RMX is an industry leader in innovation, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide our trading partners with the highest levels of efficiency, agility, and accuracy. For example, PowerBroker allows us to provide shippers with web‐based access to load information. They can see exactly where each shipment stands 24/7. PowerBroker also strengthens our ability to find the right fit for each of our carriers. Carriers will be able to get more of the freight they are seeking, and we’ll be able to line up more of the carriers that fit our needs. In today’s complex freight logistics world, technology is indispensable. By acquiring PowerBroker, RMX is investing in the future.”

Whaley said the choice of PowerBroker enables RMX to assist trading partners optimize their supply chains.

“McLeod Software offers a comprehensive range of freight transportation software products that all operate on the same platform,” said Whaley. “The RMX vision is to provide a completely open and shared environment for all stakeholders. By fostering collaboration, all of our trading partners can increase efficiency, utilization, performance and ultimately profitability. RMX is using technology from McLeod Software because we know it offers the toolset we need to enable our vision.”

According to McLeod, PowerBroker offers a fully integrated end‐to‐end brokerage operations management system and a complete native accounting software solution all in one package.

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