Simplify workforce management with mobile technology

In today’s competitive marketplace, mobile technology can transform how your workforce is managed, says AT&T. According to the firm, many companies still rely on clipboards and paper to manage their critical business processes, but Frost and Sullivan says 42 million users in the U.S. use some kind of forms-based business process that can be mobilized.

AT&T is launching what it says is the first carrier-based workforce manager solution that offers a 4G LTE network, support for a wide range of mobile devices, and a cloud-based web portal that can track the location of mobile workers, maintain employee timesheets, and process paperless forms, the company announced.

“AT&T Workforce Manager is a complete solution with a range of tools that can be tailored to meet the needs of your industry,” the company said. “You can roll it out quickly as a single solution. If you are in a service-oriented industry like construction, healthcare, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), you can choose the tools that best fit your business. Your staff can capture critical information in the field through a web portal to locate mobile workers, view dashboards, and run reports.”

According to AT&T, a service company can use the Workforce Manager to dispatch jobs to workers that are out installing equipment or making repairs. The Workforce Manager also can help companies track employee time information and capture job details to stay organized, AT&T said.

“With AT&T Workforce Manager, your home office can easily keep track of where your employees are while they are in the field, and workers won’t need to return to the office to pick up new jobs or complete stacks of paperwork,” the company said. “Plus, the tools available can help your company operate more efficiently to serve more clients, save on fuel costs, and issue invoices faster.”

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