Teletrac introduces enhanced asset tracking solution

Teletrac announced enhancements to its trailer and asset tracking product this week. The updated system is the newest addition to the company’s Fleet Director intelligence platform, which utilizes tracking data to help reduce fleet costs and promote safety, compliance and productivity.

The latest version of the self-powered tracking device incorporates built-in GPS and cellular data, providing location updates every 15 minutes. When a trailer is unhooked, the unit continues reporting its position without the need for external power for 24 hours. In addition, users can establish geo-fence alerts to provide notification when a trailer has arrived at a customer site. According to Teletrac, it was specifically designed to locate, manage and recover company equipment and strengthen operational efficiency.

“The Trailer and Asset Tracking unit makes fleet operations more efficient by providing complete visibility over company equipment,” said Drew Hamilton, executive vice president of Teletrac. “As an added benefit, the unit improves customer service by helping fleets continuously manage their assets.”  

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