TomTom partners with NYSERDA to assist NY state fleets

TomTom Business Solutions and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) have combined to offer a special incentive program for the purchase of TomTom Worksmart software by New York-based fleets.

NYSERDA is providing $250,000 in funding toward the program to allow businesses to receive special subsidies (up to $350 per vehicle) to save nearly 50% off the regular price of TomTom Worksmart.

Worksmart is a GPS navigation and fleet solution that improves fleet productivity and reduces fuel consumption, TomTom said. The program is open to any New York State entity that operates a fleet of delivery or service vehicles. Participating partners include the New York City Dept. of Transportation, and Delcan, a multidisciplinary engineering, planning, management and technology firm that provides a broad range of integrated systems and infrastructure solutions. 

Delcan’s role in the project is to help analyze and report adoption rates, driver behavioral changes, and measure impact to industry and environment.

Businesses that participate in the program will be required to take part in a survey to measure the program’s success in reducing fuel consumption.

“NYSERDA is delighted to partner with TomTom Business Solutions to offer a program that will help increase energy efficiency in the transportation sector,” said Francis J. Murray Jr., president & CEO of NYSERDA. “Gov. Cuomo has identified transportation as an area where New York State can help achieve significant energy savings, and this is an example of an innovative opportunity to advance that agenda.”

TomTom fleet management helps fleet operators reduce their carbon footprint by improving gas mileage, streamlining job dispatch/scheduling, reducing driving habits that result in wasted fuel, and reducing unnecessary mileage, the company said. According to TomTom, Worksmart fleet management reduces fuel usage by up to 20%, by providing an array of functions:

  • Smart routing and accurate mapping to reduce travel times
  • Real-time traffic information to avoid congested roads
  • Active driver feedback to provide drivers instant response on their driver style in order to moderate speeding, harsh driving, extended idling, and above average fuel consumption.

“Over 16,000 commercial fleets totaling more than 200,000 vehicles use our solutions so this represents a great opportunity for New York fleets to benefit from TomTom’s proven technology,” said Michael Geffroy, vice president of sales and marketing, TomTom Business Solutions. “We believe this special program is a win-win situation for government, business and consumers alike, so we are proud to partner with NYSERDA on this forward-thinking initiative.”

Business and government entities interested in taking part in this program can contact TomTom Business Solutions at 866-459-3499 or via the TomTom web site. The program is seeking 1,200 participants and the evaluation will run until Dec. 31, 2013.

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