Updates made to Transflo scanning products

Pegasus TransTech has announced updates to its suite of products, Transflo Express truck stop scanning service, Transflo Now! anywhere, in-cab scanning, and Transflo Express Carrier Retrieval. All updates are designed to improve image quality and software performance, the company said.

Among the improvements is a new barcode scanning engine in Transflo Express 3.5 for more accurate readings. The software automatically reads barcodes on any scanned document.

The Transflo Express 3.5 update installs in the background during normal scanning and transmitting operations.

Pegasus TransTech has certified Transflo Express Carrier Retrieval 3.5 for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

Updates to Transflo Now! include a Windows 8 certification, technical improvements, increased performance, and a greater choice of scanners compatible with the application.

“We understand that high quality document delivery is a necessity for our customers, so we have pledged to continually improve our technology to provide the best quality images in the industry,” said Frank Adelman, president and CEO of Pegasus TransTech.

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