Vigillo releases new driver reporting system

Vigillo releases new driver reporting system

Data mining software provider Vigillo has released its Daylight Driver Index (DDI), a driver scoring system that describes an individual driver’s FMCSA record using CSA data.

Like many of Vigillo’s product, this new offering has received the endorsement of the American Trucking Assns. (ATA).

“DDI is a fair, easily explained and entirely objective process of scoring and ranking drivers under CSA,” said Steven Bryan, founder & CEO of Vigillo LLC. “It’s similar to how a credit score is a single number that describes a person’s creditworthiness.”

According to Vigillo, DDI assigns a single number (0-100) based on information collected on commercial vehicle drivers during on-road safety inspections and state-reported CMV crash records. The Vigillo database includes nearly 750,000 drivers.

“Because carrier CSA scores are essentially the rolled up aggregation of individual drivers’ roadside performance,” added Bryan, “having a single number to easily and quickly view will be of great assistance to carriers that want to improve and maintain long-term positive CSA scores.”

“The American Trucking Assns. have endorsed Vigillo as a CSA solution for over two years and is pleased to extend that endorsement to the new Daylight Driver Index as well,” said Dave Osiecki, senior vice president of policy and regulatory affairs for the ATA.  “Since Vigillo leverages the same data that drives the Driver Safety Measurement System scores, which FMCSA steadfastly refuses to make publicly available, we believe Vigillo’s DDI presents a needed alternative for obtaining an easy to understand driver safety performance metric.”

Vigillo said the benefits of the Daylight Driver Index include:

  • Based on published FMCSA methodologies
  • Identifies drivers for priority review based on similar factors as carriers ranked for review and roadside inspection priority (ISS)
  • Uses appropriately normalized data for comparison of individual drivers
  • Elevates Red Flag Violations as a high visibility item
  • Highlights drivers with Shadow Violations where a driver has insufficient data in a BASIC but has violations
  • Scores drivers on an consistent, easy-to-understand 0-100 scale (or NO DATA) that works across carriers for all drivers
  • Is included at no additional cost in the CSA Scorecard Subscription
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