XRS launching Driver Xperience Board at MATS

XRS (formerly Xata) has selected the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) to launch a new advisory board comprised of owner-operators and company drivers. The company hopes to harness the industry knowledge drivers possess in order to help all drivers improve their work and work life, including how they interact with Electronic Onboard Recorders (EOBRs) and other telematics solutions. 

The “Driver Xperience Board” will function as the voice of the driver at XRS, helping the company to understand how life on the road impacts the solutions that technology companies offer. While fleet managers and logistics experts make big-picture decisions about technology implementation, it's the drivers themselves who are in control of daily decision-making and interact most closely with in-cab technology products like those provided by XRS, the company notes.

Input from the Board will be used to help guide the company's product development process, marketing efforts and ongoing communication with drivers via media outlets, the Internet and direct outreach.

Drivers interested in participating are invited to come by the XRS booth (#66144) at MATS or to apply online. A special launch event is planned for March 21 at Churchill Downs, including dinner, beverages and prizes. Transportation will be provided to and from MATS. 

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